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Ivo Vynckier
Lauwestraat 146,
8560 Wevelgem

Tel: +32 (0)56 32 78 59

E-mail addresses:,

As technical writer, I worked for an OCR company for 15 years. (Today, only three major OCR companies, including my former employer I.R.I.S., remain in business.)

I.R.I.S.’ history is documented in detail in “The IRIS Book” by Pierre De Muelenaere, the company’s founder and former CEO and president.

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The IRIS Book
A 33 Years’ Story on Entrepreneurship from Belgium and What You Can Learn from It
Editions Pygargue International, 2018
ISBN 2960196201

I reprise the text of my book review on Instagram here.

My book review of the Pierre De Muelenaere book ‘The IRIS Book’

This is the third web site I wrote and developed with the source code editor Notepad++.

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